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Meet my Characters 1


No Pants:

Sometimes I don’t wear pants. Today I’m not.  


Grocery Shopping:

She gives up. It’s enough already. People expect too much of her. Sometimes you set out to do your best, but it isn’t enough. Guess that’s what happened here.



WEEEE! I’m an idiot! Just kidding.  


Swimming In It:

What is this stuff I’m swimming in?


Romantic On The Ledge:

I hope someone sees me and puts the perfect cap on my perfect life. I won’t be around to tell it, of course. I’ll be dead! I will plunge 20 stories to my death. There I go, jumping the gun, again. I hope someone sees me because I want them to tell everyone how romantic I looked before I jumped. How my eyes matched my dress and how perfect my hair and nails were. The sense of calm and beauty that surrounded me. I am fantastic. I am going to have the best death anyone can have. Everyone will envy me.


Zenned Out:

Man oh man. Just to be alone for a few minutes.


This Feels Good:

Huh. I should do this more often.  A stretch to the side really hits the spot. I know, kind of random to be stretching now, just before a party in my red dress, but, i was feeling stressed! This really helped.


For Mr. Chase:

I’m ready for you Mr. William Morris Chase, you naughty thing. I love that portrait you did of me with my head on my arm and my pretty backside facing you, and my little feet. No one can tell it’s me ‘cause they can’t see my face. Actually, there are a few people who might recognize me from that angle! Who’s naughty now? You are with that dirty mind of yours.



Not happy. I just can’t get over it. What am I going to do? Nothing. What can I do. Nothing. Oh! But it makes me so mad! Why does this always happen? Happen to me?! Oh! So mad.


Suspicious Yoga

Who’s that over there? I don’t recognize her.  She must be new. She is so much better at this than I am. Yoga isn’t competitive. Says who?! I’m here to tell you it is.


Untitled (Blue Couch):

Does this bother you? It’s just so hot, and it is my couch ,after all. No room for you right now. I need some space.



Well, Hey there, you! I’ve had a hell of a day!


Madame Knows

Solid. Knowing. Upper-middle-aged. She isn’t crazy about aging, but there are some perks to it. She feels in charge of her destiny. Her experience has shown her that no one is perfect.  No couple has it all.  Everyone has something, even if they say they don’t. Knowing this has made her less insecure and more carefree.  She allows herself to consider people with more empathy now. She is more curious.  She is hornier.  


For Me:

I bought this little number just for you.


Teen Spirit

I hate my parents. They don’t get me.  They don’t get what I’m into. At all. This is radical! I am part of a revolution, man. Punk. Blonde. The Ramones Rock! I wanna be sedated and I am. I miss when I was put to bed, but I don’t want anyone to know. I miss feeling safe. Miss my parents.


Nail Biter

She is just so anxious! All alone and what does she do? Bites her nails. On the couch. How did things get so bad? She is in her pajamas, that should make her feel more secure. More comfortable. But, she isn’t. She worries too much. Someone has to, right?


90s Girl:

She is approximately 24 and works for a financial institution in the equities training program. Work is a lot of fun right now. There are many people her own age in the training program which keeps her from getting too lonely in New York. The company has a soft ball team, and on fridays they have margaritas and chips in the community kitchen. She can’t believe how hard it is to meet a nice guy, and how she misses home. But, New York is exciting! She has a great job.  It pays well. Her boss thinks she is cute, and they like to flirt, but, he’s married and that’s not happening. She just bought this green dress at Ann Taylor the other day. It shows off her fit body, but, is conservative enough to wear to work. She wishes she could know what will happen to her in the future. Will she meet anyone and settle down by 30? What’s wrong with her? She finishes another vodka tonic and lights another cigarette and feels less and less.  



Wow! She feels great! She feels gorgeous and the world is her oyster, so, look out because this is girl power, baby. She loves her body and she loves her outfit and it all allows her to ignore pretty much everything else: her kids, her marriage, her house. Her leg warmers and leotard are her armor and her smile, her shield. She is ready for anything.  


Yoga Move:

Cat, Cow, Pidgeon.


Green Couch:

Quite an aura you got there. Kind of post nuclear fallout? What’s your secret? You scare me.


Tip Toes: Oooo! I am a woman in all my glory!


Selfie On The Couch

Selfie! Naked selfie on the couch! So naughty. But, why wouldn’t I show me to you?



I can’t even cry. I haven’t moved for quite a while, just trying to process this whole thing.


French Outfit (On A Red Couch)

She is on the couch after work. She sits the way a rude man on a subway might, wide legged. No room for anyone else near her. Not today. She is relaxed, but, not really. You can feel the intensity in her stare and when combined with her left hand gesture, she makes you feel nervous. She wants you to either leave or get undressed. You can’t be sure which one will happen.

But do you really want anything to happen? You do. You do. You want her approval. Her acceptance. Her focus. Her body.  But, she doesn’t look like she cares much about who you are, or what you want. She wants you.  But, not you. Does she want you to do an errand for her? Or, is it something more carnal. You hope its carnal, but, she isn’t in the business of giving people what they want. Not when they expect it anyway.


Side Stretch

It feels good to bend like this to the side. My arm over my head, reaching far beyond the space my body normally inhabits. It’s nice not to feel funny about doing a big stretch in a dress.  It’s a stretchy dress, so why not have a little stretch. No one’s around anyway.

Meet My Characters 2

Grocery Store

Well, I never. Dead on the floor of a grocery store. 

Phone drop:

Boom! Cannot  Stand this thing anymore. 



Aw come here you little thing. I won't hurt you. I can’t hurt you ‘cause your my shadow and no one can hurt their own shadow



Oh! I wish I had worm underpants



Pull! Tug! Heave! Ho! What for!?



The world sure looks different from this perspective. 



Woo! Woo! I’m shakin’ it an’ swingin’ it and throwin’ it and yah!



I was just thinking about what i mighhhh……


Ambivalent jump for joy



Oh that stretch. I’m so bendy, I love it. Don’t you?


Trip or yoga

I did trip, but I turned it into a yoga pose to save face. 


Stag leap

I always scrunch my shoulders up to my ears. It’s not very good for me but I love to jump and scrunch and that makes me happy  


Whistle Dixie

No one seems to whistle much these days..or dance the ho-down, so I’m doin’ both in style. Bringin’ it back


Pic 5 cat meow, whistle dixie



I'm throwin’ it, baby. 



Is it a baby in this crib? You can’t see it, but I can. 


Tah dah

Kiss kiss, love my self



Strut much? 



Wonder why I'm posed this way? Yah, me too. Does my direct eye contact freak you out? Despite my spider-like body?


Feet over head 

They say this is good for you. I’ll try it, why not. 


Tummy time

It’s a question of how close to the center of the earth I can get. 



Eh. another asshole on the Supreme Court. Fuck. It. 


Belly Up

So much to see and think about these days.


Still nude

Covering up not to cover but I’m cold


Leap or squat


Aw Shit


Right here, buddy ( was Boobies)


Perfect Pear

Behold! The beauty of my pear shaped bod


Don’t move

I don’t know who you are or what you want but I think I want you to leave. 



I'm a proper lady with a proper bush. No shaving, please. I want to look my age in the nude, not ten



Screw you Kavanaugh



You hang the damn laundry


New dishwasher

Oh how lovely. Nice, clean dishes


Laundry time!

I have plum run out of unders

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